A brief selection of my past assignments and projects

Transition to an off-shore outsourced facility (multiple independent customer service projects) for a major global financial services company

Over 700 agent seats in five separate projects (payment cards, bonus checks, traveler’s checks, retail services and mutual funds) were successfully transitioned from the USA to the Philippines. Key performance indicators at the offshore site reached domestic levels ahead of schedule.

Setting up a new call center site and its integration in the globally distributed call center network for a consumer goods retailer (one of the top 3 US TV home shopping channels)

200 seats were successfully transitioned to the Philippines and integrated into the call flow and application logic of the company call center network that spans US, Canada, Ireland and Mexico.

Creation of a new outsourced call center service provider – the first of its kind in Russia serving Russian customers from an offshore facility in Central Asia

New company successfully entered the Russian market and reached a top 10 position within 12 months. Company operations smoothly moved to a new call center facility and migrated to a new technology platform.

Review of call center operations for a national branch of a global retail bank

A complete start-to-end operational review of the customer care call center including IVR, call distribution, load management, scheduling, quality management, customer satisfaction, organizational structure and employee motivation. Majority of recommendations were implemented by the bank within 6-9 months.

Functional design and specifications for a contact center implementation for a major Russian retail and corporate bank

Call center successfully launched with all expected functionality implemented on schedule.

Design of a load distribution model for a nation-wide multi-site call center for a top-5 European mobile telephony company

Analyzed the cost per call and telecom costs to provide recommendations for relocating call center resources for the overall cost optimization. Based on these recommendations the most expensive call center was trimmed 90% after the call center traffic was reallocated to other lower-cost sites.

Business plan, operational plan and a transition scenario for a 3000-seat united call center covering the needs of an affiliated group of telecom companies

A complete technology, operational, financial and geographic model was designed for and approved by a major Eastern European investment group to be implemented for its cluster of telecom companies, as well as for creating the largest national outsourced call center.

Site selection for a new facility for a top 3 Russian outsourced call center services provider

Developed a model based on demographic , economic and technology data. Applied this model to evaluate a list of 15 cities to narrow it down to a shortlist of three candidates with one leader and two runner-ups. The new facility was successfully launched in the ‘leader’ city in under 6 months.

Market overview of contact center services in Russia for an international investment fund

Delivered a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current state of Russian call center outsourcing market, including a 5-year outlook. Facilitated meetings with 10 of the Russia’s major outsourcers. Helped the investment fund identify the investment candidates.

Operational review of telemarketing function for a major Russian retail bank

Delivered a review of the key functions performed by a telemarketing unit with an evaluation of resources, business processes, management tools, use of technology and people management techniques. Majority of recommendations were accepted and used for management goal setting.


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