I am Vadim Anikanov - a seasoned customer interaction, contact
center and BPO executive, hands-on manager, adviser, critic, thought-provoker, optimizer, idea generator, enthusiast or devil advocate. I would be happy to help you in any of these capacities!

I am coming from a traditional contact center and customer care background with a twist of outsourcing and offshoring.

I am equally comfortable building KPI framework, improving agent hiring and training, re-building motivation system, upgrading quality management and customer satisfaction processes, optimizing costs, building outsourcing strategy, vendor selection and management, streamlining back-office procedures, deploying new CRM platforms and looking after all other core components of a successful customer-facing function.

Over the last few years I have been actively working with the new topics in customer interaction: moving support technology into the cloud, building virtual contact centers with home-based agents, deploying business intelligence tools for extracting value from the customer interaction analytics, expanding on-line customer interaction channels (including human, automated, social and peer-to-peer scenarios).

I have a deep passion for new customer interaction channels, and new ways for customer care delivery.


Feel free to ping me if you want to exchange ideas!


US Phones
1-801-821-4081 (mobile)

Russia Phone
+7 926 648 9707 (mobile)

vadim.anikanov (vadim.anikanov@gmail.com)




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